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PHY SerDes

High-speed PHY/SerDes


LM/LM+/TSN Switch Tech


LI & Data P Tech

Full-stack Technology from L1 to L3 in OSI model

Full-stack Solutions for Auto IVN

Auto SerDes


TSN Switch


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Tier 1

Quality Management System

Industrial-Best Practice Meeting Auto-grade Reliability and Safety

Global Operations-Asia Focus

Vistaline Semi is pushing the boundary of high-speed network technology. Innovations in silicon architecture & design coupled with advance process nodes, our products deliver industry leading performance in range, resilience and power consumption.


We are committed to provide highest value to our customers. Our innovations in architecture and design offer unparalleled performance at lowest power. We partner with world-class foundries to use advanced process nodes and implement stringent QA process to ensure highest quality standard.

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