We are building high performance network connectivity silicons – faster and cooler – for next generation automotive, industrial and enterprise applications.

Based on our EtherNext™ technology – an innovative mixed-signal PHY architecture over advanced process nodes – we are offering three Ethernet PHY lineups with best-in-class cable-length performance and significant energy efficiency:

Cheetah™ series for Automotive In-Vehicle-Network (IVN)

VL3xx1 – Automotive Gigabit Ethernet PHY

VL3xx1 is designed to support single twisted-pair copper wire with data rates at 1Gbps or 100Mbps, fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3bw and IEEE 802.3bp standards. VL3xx1 is qualified for stringent automotive grade namely AEC-Q100 and extended operating temperature range (-40°C to 105°C).

Based on Vistaline’s advanced mixed-signal and DSP technology, VL3xx1 delivers robust communication and cable-length with best-in-class energy efficiency and excellent EMC/EMI performance, meeting harsh demands by automotive and some industrial applications.

Antelope™ series for Industrial Application

VL11x1 – Fast Ethernet PHY

VL11x1 delivers performance far exceeding IEEE specifications, with superior interoperability and industry leading performance beyond 200 meters of Category 5 UTP cable. It also offers Auto-MDIX to remove cabling complications. VL11x1 has superior ESD protection, greater than 8 KV Human Body Model, providing extremely high reliability and robust operation for all applications.

Available in small footprints (QFN) VL11x1 is very suitable for space sensitive embedded applications.

VL2xx1 – Gigabit Ethernet PHY

VL2xx1 performs all of the physical layer functions on standard Category 5 UTP cable, for 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 10BASE-T. VL2xx1 also detects cable wiring conditions to ensure operation at the Gigabit speeds while corrects most common wiring problems.

Built on advanced mixed-signal technology and process node, VL2xx1 offers unparallel performance in power consumption and cable range with reduced EMI/EMC, suitable for a wide range of applications.

SailFish™ series for SOHO & Enterprise Solution

Vistaline SailFish™ switch series support 4-52 ports FE and GE application, SOHO and SMB Unmanaged/Lite-managed/Layer2+ managed switch solution. It adopts the exclusive BlueWhale™ architecture. The Vistaline SailFish™ is highly integrated,high cost-performance, and easy to be extended.

Auto TSN switch系列产品

JL3851 是一款集成多路T1 PHY的交换芯片,支持PTP, Qbv,Qci等TSN特性,支持Open联盟的TC10休眠唤醒规范。

高速ASA Motion Link产品

JH7x11 ASA leaf device

JH7x11 桥接输入和 ASA 接口,并传输高速通信。 JH7x11 符合 ASA(汽车 SerDes 联盟)标准。 该设备可以支持低功耗和双向通信。

JH7x22 Dual input ASA root device

JH7x22 是一种双集线器器件,最多支持 2 个输入 ASA 器件。 JH7x22 符合 ASA(汽车 SerDes 联盟)标准。 该器件可以支持低功耗和双向通信。

JH7x42 Quad input ASA root device

JH7x42 是一款四集线器器件,最多支持 4 个输入 ASA 器件。 JH7x42 符合 ASA(汽车 SerDes 联盟)标准。 该设备可以支持低功耗和双向通信。

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