Core Technologies

Layer 1
PHY SerDes
High-speed PHY/SerDes
Layer 2
Switch Tech
Layer 3
LI &
Data P Tech
Full-stack Technology from L1 to L3 in OSI model

Full-stack Solutions for Auto IVN

Auto SerDes


TSN Switch


ASA Technology

Member Companies

The group was established in 2019 by BMW, Continental, Broadcom, Fraunhofer IIS and NXP as founding members. In the short amount of time since its inception, ASA has been growing rapidly and now has more than 75 active member companies. The member companies are working together to standardize and promote the “ASA Motion Link,” a SerDes communication technology for in-vehicle connectivity ranging from 2 Gbps to 16 Gbps line rate.

ASA Vision

  • Single PHY specification per speed grade
  • Simple base feature set to enable the bulk applications
  • Competitive optional feature set for high end applications
  • Provide a framework for the complete eco-system

ASA Framework

  • Only two membership classes
  • No membership fee
  • RAND membership fee
  • Qualified majority vote
  • Automotive-driven

ASA Provide standards for asymmetric high speed P2P communication in vehicles.

Vistaline Semi Contribution

Vistaline Semi has world-class expertise in analog, DSP, mixed-sinal and SOC design. Vistaline Semi now is developing products compliant with ASA technology and will provide competitive solution of the automotive connectivity for customers and industry.


BlueWhale is an innovative technical architecture that involves high-speed Ethernet PHY technology and can integrate RISC-V or CPU. Because of BlueWhale’s flexible configuration, Vistaline Semi is able to design Switch quickly to meet the market requirement, which generally keeps changing.
BlueWhale platform can support TSN (Time Sensitive Network), which is applicable in automotive fields and industrial fields. The CPU the BlueWhale platform integrated can support Lock-Step. As a result, it can meet the real-time transport requirement and network security requirements in either IVN (In-Vehicle Network) or industrial networks. BlueWhale can also support Lite-Management to meet the increasing need of Cloud-Management in SOHO and SMB fields, reducing the customer’s cost and enhancing data communication security.

Quality Management System

Industrial-Best Practice Meeting Auto-grade Reliability and Safety

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