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Independently innovating in chip technology to lead the way, Vistaline Semiconductors has launched several Gigabit Ethernet switch chipsets, the VL61xx series

Vistaline Semiconductors, a leading manufacturer of Datacom and automotive network semiconductors, has launched several SOHO L2 Lite-Management gigabit switch chip VL61xx series products.

The series integrates advanced EtherNext™ high-speed Ethernet PHY technology with high-performance RISC-V processors. Its functional and performance indicators have reached the industry’s advanced level. The VL61xx series switches have rich Layer 2 switching functions including MAC address table, VLAN, ACL, QoS, etc., and provide 1000/100/10 Mbps adaptive ports. This series of chips can have two 2500/1000/100/10M bps MAC interfaces to connect external master control or PHY to flexibly implement various application scenarios. The powerful RISC-V processor built into the VL61xx supports RTOS to run upper-layer software protocols, which can easily realize lightweight remote management and cloud management.

The VL61xx series is a typical small-port switch chip, which can be used alone or with various main control SOC/PHY in home/office/industrial/intelligent network connection, and can also be bridged in high-end data communication scenarios, which has a wide range of applications.

Since the launch of the BlueWhale™ switch technology platform in May 2021, Vistaline Semiconductors has continued to rapidly launch switch products based on this platform, and several 100 Gigabit switching chips with 4~10 ports have achieved large-scale mass production. BlueWhale™ adopts innovative technology architecture, based on EtherNext™ high-speed Ethernet PHY technology and built-in RISC-V MCU, which is highly configurable, and can quickly launch switch chip products in a short period of time according to customer needs to meet the changing application needs of the on-load and industrial networking markets.

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