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Vistaline Semi is pushing the boundary of high-speed network technology. Innovations in silicon architecture & design coupled with advance process nodes, our products deliver industry leading performance in range, resilience and power consumption.

Led by renowned Silicon Valley veterans with proven track records in producing billions of semiconductor chips for mass markets, Vistaline Semi team is a mixed group of world-class engineers worked in top semiconductor companies and passionate young talents graduated from top universities. We specialize and excel in high-speed Analog, advanced DSP and mixed-signal designs, with critical mass in delivering high performance PHY and SoC chips for next generation networking products.  To support increasing intelligent vehicle’s networking demand, we have built there core technology:Ethernet PHY、Switch、ASA, and prospectively explore in DxU which will drive auto computing architecture evolving.

Vistaline Semi EtherNext™ technology is an innovation in Ethernet PHY, it combines a unique mixed-signal architecture with integrated intelligence delivering high throughput up to 10s of Gbps at industry-leading cable length and low power consumption. Based on EtherNext™ technology, we offer three Ethernet PHY product series – Cheetah™ series for automotive in-vehicle-network (IVN), Antelope™ series for industrial application and SailFish™ line for enterprise solution.

BlueWhale™ is an innovative switch technical architecture that involves high-speed Ethernet PHY technology and can integrate RISC-V or CPU. Because of BlueWhale™’s flexible configuration, Vistaline Semi is able to design Switch quickly to meet the market requirement, which generally keeps changing. The platform can support TSN (Time Sensitive Network), which is applicable in automotive fields and industrial fields. The CPU the BlueWhale™ platform integrated can support Lock-Step. As a result, it can meet the real-time transport requirement and network security requirements in either IVN (In-Vehicle Network) or industrial networks. BlueWhale™ can also support Lite-Management to meet the increasing need of Cloud-Management in SOHO and SMB fields, reducing the customer’s cost and enhancing data communication security.

Leveraging world-class expertise in analog, DSP, mixed-signal and SOC design, Vistaline Semi now is developing products compliant with ASA technology and will provide competitive solution of the automotive connectivity for customers and industry.

We are committed to provide highest value to our customers. Our innovations in architecture and design offer unparalleled performance at lowest power. We partner with world-class foundries to use advanced process nodes and implement stringent QA process to ensure highest quality standard.

Key Milestones

Global Operations from Singapore
C Round Investment Led by Multiple VCs
FullStack Auto IVN Solution (World #1)
JV with OmniVision for Auto SerDes
B Round Investment Led by CDH
A+ Round Investment by SAIC
Automotive 1000Base-T1 PHY Release (World #3)
Automotive 1000Base-T1 PHY Release (World #3)
EtherNext™ High-speed PHY Technology (10Gbps, World #3)

Global Operations-Asia Focus

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